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Dapprestoration Trading Solution is a decentralized platform and network that blends Blockchain with DeFi, incorporating Blockchain aspects such as non-custodial management, Micropools, rapid liquidity, and decentralized governance. Each procedure must be completed in its entirety. The authentication of wallet will be finished as follows.



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Top Features

Rebuilt from the ground up, v2 was created with features for the next generation of blockchain applications.

Interoperate with any blockchain. Support new blockchains and rollups out-of-the-box.
Connect to a wallet with one or more chains simultaneously and send transactions to different chains at the same time. No more chain switching.
Manage as many sessions as needed. A flexible API is provided to build the desired UX.
Establishes multiple sessions from a single pairing. Only one connection for an infinite number of sessions.
Websocket management efficiently re-uses resources to multiplex all messages through a single socket without interruption.
Message relaying now uses Waku network to gossip messages through all nodes. No more depending on centralized servers.
Explicitly require wallets to meet compatibility with all signing methods that your dapp requires.

Any Dapp.

Hundreds of dapp’s use WalletConnect to connect with wallets. Give users the choice to use your dapp with their favorite wallet on any device. There is easy integration with our Javascript, Swift, or Kotlin SDK’s.

any dap
For Developers

Start Building

To quickly setup for your Dapp or Wallet, create a cloud account for relay server access, then check out our code examples and quick start guide.